Is it "program" or "programme", "cooperate" or "co-operate" and is "claimed" the right word to use in news story?

These may sound like minor details, but using the correct style is one of the things that win journalism students better assignment marks, and win working journalists praise from their Editors and Producers.

Each news organisation will want things done its own way and will usually have a style guide that spells out its house style.

QUT Journalism follows this industry practice by having its own QUT Journalism Style Guide that outlines how print, broadcast and online pieces should be written.

QUT Journalism follows the traditional Australian style and spellings – preferring UK English spelling and grammar to American – and uses the Macquarie Dictionary for spelling, taking the first spelling listed.

Do not use "z" where the "s" is used in words such as "customise", "optimise" and "realise".

Students working on QUT Journalism publications, programs and reporting assignments must adhere to the QUT Journalism Style Guide just as you will be expected to adhere to the house style of any future employer.